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Internet security Test Series- I I Browser Security Test

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        The day before yesterday, I started Internet Security Test Series(ISTS). In ISTS-I we tested our firewall. Now  in continuation with ISTS, today we test Browser Security.

        According to Wikipedia “A Web browser is a software application which enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music, games and other information typically located on a Web page at a Web site on the World Wide Web or a local area network.”

       Basically it is an interface to interact with the content of internet through web pages. Regular net users visit so many sites, through search engines or they know web address and many other ways. But some of the websites contains, malicious codes, harmful scripts or ActiveX content which they run on your browser that can steal personal information or gain unauthorized access, so on…

       To prevent that you need a good and secure browser. How do you know whether it is secure or not?…the answer is by testing it.

      Now, you eagerly want to test your browser, isn’t it?

If yes, then without wasting more time here we go….



Here you have 3 options

  1. Only test for bugs specific to my type of browser
  2. Run all available tests
  3. Choose individual tests

       You can choose anyone of them, if you ask me then according to me, any one of  (“Only test for bugs specific to my type of browser” or ”Run all available tests”)them do the job. If you still confuse then go for 1 test and click Start the test.

    After testing for a minute or two it will display you browser result.

      I have tested it in Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Mozilla v3.0.8.They passed all test.

Here are some of Screenshots..


       If you test on any other browser with other than above three then do update us by commenting.

      If you are satisfied with the above site test then you can test it through Jason’s Toolbox .


      Go to this page  this site basically test your Browser for java script, cookies and ActiveX content. If your test fails it shows how to correct it. You can passed this java script test by disabling java script in your browser but this is not a good solution, you need java script for displaying some of pages. Before changing browser configuration by seeing the results you should be aware of what you are doing.

        I’ll recommend this site only for average users or above. 

      Now, if you have tested it then show us how safe you are on net by displaying test results and don’t forget to mention browser name and version. 😉

      Enjoy !


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