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            eMailaya is essentially an email previewer, client, and notifier in one. However, it’s particularly good for those that want to set up multiple e-mail accounts because it allows you to set up new accounts with minimum complications.

            You can protect all accounts with a password and enjoy the benefits of tabbed e-mailing and switch between text and html. One bonus is that the program also allows you to convert your mailbox into a simple backup and storage utility for large files. One particularly nice feature is that eMailaya can tell you in each e-mail how long it took to be sent and be received which is useful when diagnosing delivery issues.



    • Email previewer? Email client? Email notifier?:
      eMailaya does it all
    • Multiple accounts:
      eMailaya lets you handle multiple accounts easily
    • Main password protection:
      eMailaya can be password protected
    • Tabbed emailing:
      Enjoy tab mode in your email client, not just your browser
    • DiskOnKey support:
      eMailaya is a portable application with no need for an installation process
    • Text/HTML mode:
      eMailaya gives both options: text or html
    • Folders:
      eMailaya manages emails in 4 types of folders: Remote: mails that are on the servers. eMailaya: built in folders of the application itself. Local: Physical folders on the HD containing emails files (eml for example). Dynamic: Filters applied on the remote emails
    • Graphical information:
      View your emails and mailboxes data using flexible defined charts via different diagram modes.
    • Backup files:
      eMailaya transforms your mailboxes into a backup storage
    • Preview emails:
      Preview your email before downloading them locally
    • Simple ISP switching:
      With eMailaya you won’t need to ask for your mail servers information
    • Automatic updates:
      eMailaya updates itself when a new version is released
    • Timing of sending/receiving emails:
      With eMailaya you will know how long your email takes to be sent/received
    • POP3/IMAP/SSL support:
      eMailaya supports both POP3 and IMAP including SSL for both protocols
    • Flexible filtering/grouping/sorting:
      eMailaya gives the user the most flexible way to filter, group and sort his emails.
    • MailDrive:
      eMailaya transforms your mailboxes into an additional drive in your computer
    • Calendar:
      eMailaya lets you plan your important events with a yearly view
    • Individual account checking:
      With eMailaya you can define different checking interval for each account
    • Quick voice/video emailing:
      With eMailaya you can send a voice email or video email in one click
    • Statistics:
      eMailaya shows you statistics of your mailboxes
    • Last Send/Receive for contacts:
      With eMailaya you know when you last sent or received an email to/from a certain contact
    • Labeling and notes:
      Emails can be labeled or be noted for a better management
    • RBL/DNSBL spam detector:
      eMailaya uses rbl/dnsbl technology for a better spam detection
    • Wildcard spam detection:
      Spam detection can be improved by creating a blacklist of addresses and wildcard subjects
    • RSS and RSS2Email:
      Use eMailaya as RSS reader and be email notified of new updates according to your criterias
    • Quick Chat:
      eMailaya lets you quickchat with an email sender
    • Clipboard Tracker:
      eMailaya prevents you from losing important clipboard items
    • Intuitiveness:
      eMailaya’s interface is intuitive and user friendly
    • Multilingual:
      eMailaya can speak in your language
    • Skins:
      eMailaya supports over 50 different skins
    • Translation Editor:
      eMailaya gives the translator the most valuable tool to translate eMailaya
    • East Asian Support:
      eMailaya supports east asian characters for languages such as Chinese

               No need to install, fully portable. eMailaya has evolved greatly and is now considered as one of the best email clients. A full featured email application packed into 1 small sized file some unique features which are not available in other applications.

    Download eMailaya



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