Free 90 days KIS and KAV 2009 Genuine License Key for Everyone

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    Today, I’m sharing with you another freeware promotion (which is in Polish) but this time it is my favorite security software Kaspersky Internet Security 2009(KIS 2009) and Kaspersky Antivirus. This promotion gives you license key of both KAV and  KIS for 90 days.

      You have heard the name of Kaspersky and may be you desperately want to know how get genuine license key and similarly I’m dying to tell you. So no more crap, here we go…

How to get  Free 90 days KIS 2009 and KAV 2009 License

1. Visit this Page


2. Refer to screen shot, enter name,username,password,retype password select (any) question, in answer type something,email address,telephone number, for gender Kobieta= Female , Mężczyzna=male,date of birth,city,occupation.
eg:-     telephone no.:+50 111 222 754 (you can google it and find the different phone number)


3. Check in all boxes,enter captcha and copy the sentence in (shown in Redbox) to Goggle translator and get the answer as shown in below images and click the “zaloz konto” (Sign Up) button at the bottom of web page.


4. Visit this Page, login to your account by entering user name & password that you entered in 2 step ,then click on  Click “Dalej” button.


5. Now visit this Page and click on “Pobierz” button .


6. You will be forwarded to next page, fill required fields in the form as shown in above image,-first , last name,address,zip code,city,email id (original) , finally check the box and click “przejdz dalej” button.

Note:I entered following details,you can google them
Postal code: 03-141

7. Now check your inbox, you get email from “” which contain 90 days license key  of KIS 2009 and  KAV 2009.


   Mail contain 12 digit code XXXXXXXXXXXX for both KAV and KIS. to convert this code you need to visit here Enter the 12 digit code and click “Zatwierdz " May be you get a message like below image.


You need to use Poland proxy. you can google it,you find lots of proxy .

Here is the working one  :   3128.

8. Fill in the form, you can refer above image. Enter your original email id.
NIP:-  521-04-12-987 and make sure when enter address enter in polish form .You can enter any thing in it. like this
14 anything

   Click “Rejestruj”.

9. Check you inbox this time you received email from "Kaspersky Lab Polska” containing 90 days license key.

10. Download installation files from below links
KAV 2009:
KIS 2009

Thanks to valenok



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thank you.its working

A friend of mine just emailed me about kaspersky license from your articles from a while back .I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog.


does not accept email address in the last step

@prantik If i’m not wrong may be you are talking about 7step where you have to enter 12 digit code.

Now,there is no need to use proxy.Just enter your 12 digit code and click “Zatwierdz”
you don’t need any email id just scroll down the page you will see your code just copy it.

here is screenshot

I have done it. They said the key was sent to my E-mail ID but I have not received it yet .. And also the last step does not accept Gmail or Yahoo… email. It only accepts the account ID at wp@pl

@prantik i checked this it works absolutely fine, it accepts yahoo id(i haven’t test it with gmail but i hope it works fine with it).

you can check this screen shot

That’s the promotional key. I am talking about the final step where we need to convert it into license key.

Hi. the key has not yet reached me .. So can you please send me this 90days key to … please please my trial is getting over soon… Thanks in advance

please read my reply properly
“Just enter your 12 digit code and click “Zatwierdz”
you don’t need any email id just scroll down the page you will see your code just copy it.


You just send me your 12 digit code i’ll send you the key. You can use contact form.or directly mail me at [id removed]

I have sent u the 12 digit code at your Email ID. please send me the key at my Email ID.

@prantik Today its showing message “Action intended only for users zamieszka³ych in Poland” with proxy you need same email id you use during registration like For key, we have to wait for 2 days.

You don’t have to wait, Check your inbox i’m sending you 90 days KIS key


THANX!! and can i install KIS 2010 with the same key?

@ Prantik
Yes you can

If you dont mind!!! Do you have any more keys of KIS 2009 of greater duration(9 months or 1 year) genuine for my cousin. He wants to have one…

You can go here and get 6 months of KAV 2009 license.

Which is better ? KIS 2009 or KIS 2010?

No, I don’t have.

KIS 2010 is better and have new and improved features than KIS2009.
and thanks for KAV license link 🙂

Its not giving any KIS version codes
only the KAV code 2 email
I tried 5 ties but I got unsuccesful.
So please make me the correct other lnk.

First,thank for your article. Pls help me.I’ll send to you 12 digit code by via emai.Can you send me the KIS key ? Thanks.

@NguyenPhuc right now its not possible to convert code.

im unable to recieve key from kaspersky website as it is saying nits only for polish territory,

i hav the code but not able to get the key,i was also not able to use proxy as i dont know how to use it.
pls help me,i will send u d code and my email-id.pls send the key to my email-id.
wat is ur email-id?

hi.i didnt got the key.i only got the 12 digt code.the page can not display like before.what should i do.may i send u the 12 digt code.i ve 3 code but i cant do anything by this.

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