Avast 5.0 Beta Now Available for Download

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    Good news for avast lover’s , avast 5.0 Beta now available for download although It’s a little bit behind schedule (it was slated for the end of July/early August). So far, they are only releasing a beta of the Free Antivirus (successor of avast 4.8 Home Edition). The betas of the Professional AV and the Security Suite will follow.

      The most noticeable change for most users will be the restyled interface – gone is the over stylized media player look. There are, of course, a number of other improvements and new features which I mentioned back in July.

      Bear in mind that this is a full-on beta. There are some limitation and bugs..


Limitations and bugs :-

1. it currently doesn’t contain the most up-to-date definitions. That is, part of the definitions are somewhat outdated as we’re still making changes to the infrastructure. Hence, it is not recommended to use this beta as a tool to protect your system. Also, it is probably too early to do any detection tests at this time.

2. the Behavior Shield is not yet fully connected (has very limited functionality at the moment – is just a skeleton, really)

3. the antirootkit component is not connected

4. there is no licensing component in this version; i.e., no registration, no activation… however, there’s a hard-wired time bomb that will disable the program in about 2 months (there will be multiple beta refreshes before that happens, and hopefully even the final product)

5. the sounds are missing. We plan to have sounds in the final product (and later betas) but they’re not there now.

6. the design will likely change a little bit still… some of the corners will be rounded etc…

7. some of the Web Shield settings are missing

8. some of the Shield settings actually require the Shield to be restarted to become effective (Actions, Alerts, Report file, Packers, …)

9. the GUI sometimes doesn’t get refreshed automatically (i.e. you change something via the tray icon, and the main dialog doesn’t update itself to reflect that change)

10. the iNews, Community and Event log pages are just placeholders atm

11. the Scan Result window still needs some changes

12. the built-in program updater doesn’t ask for a reboot when it’s done (even if it’s necessary in order to apply the new update). Also, the update, when initiated from the main UI, may end up in an unexpected state. As an alternative, we recommend using the updater in Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> avast! Free Antivirus -> Change/Remove -> Update.

13. context-menu scan in Explorer doesn’t work.

      So guys, this is only for experienced user who want to try it  and for novice users  you guys just wait for the release of Avast 5.0 and if you can’t wait and want to try it out just for time pass and for enjoyment then you can go and download it(which i don’t recommend to the novice user).

Download Avast 5.0 Beta



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