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  Blaze is an innovative utility designed to automate most of the unique recurrent tasks that arise from everyday usage.

    Blaze is not only an easy to use fast application launcher but also an intelligent desktop automation utility unlike its competitors. Blaze not only indexes applications and recently accessed files/folders but also allows users to perform calculations, web searches, browse the file-system, inserts quick texts and it also has the ability to bear with typos and, therefore, you don’t have to be so careful while typing a command and it is also able to automate recurrent task performed in the file system or even any application on Microsoft Windows.


Key Features :-

  • Launches Applications.
  • Browses the File-System and the Web.
  • Searches for stuff on the Web.
  • Performs calculations.
  • Creates emails on-the-fly.
  • Inserts quick texts.
  • Perform CMD commands on a specific Explorer Window.
  • And more…


   Although Blaze learns by itself, but if you want to teach it something then, Blaze supports Adaptive Macro recording. Adaptive Macros are macros that can adapt to new situations, different from the one in which they were initially recorded.

  Whenever you are doing a repetitive task, he will have a suggestion for you that you can accept or just ignore.

  Although it is still under development but it provides a great desktop automation experience. Just check this out and share with us, whether you liked it or not?

Download Blaze installer (10.6 MB)| Portable

   It is suggested that you must read Quick Start Guide for smooth operation.

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