Tsunami Related Searches Spread Malware

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  Researchers at Symantec have discovered links to Rogue anti-Virus/malware software via poisoned search results for news related to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Western Samoa.

  Despite the loss of lives in the South Pacific criminals wasted no time in getting their malicious software and web sites set up and poisoning the Web searches to make sure that their results are returned near the top of the page and they make fast buck.

  Searches for topics relating to this latest earthquake disaster such as “Western Samoa”, “Earthquake”, or “Tsunami” will return some pages that are bad and attempts to perform fake antivirus scans with the usual offers to clean up your computer for a fee.

   In examples, Symantec noticed the Rogue anti-Virus application Windows PC Defender among the variants of the Malware being served. Windows PC Defender, like other Rogue anti-Virus applications, will bog your system down with fake alerts and warnings, offering to clean them if you pay the registration fee.

One such example is shown below:


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