Protect your USB Drive from Autorun Virus with GGreat USB Antibody

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    Today, there are so many promotions are active. After the promotion of Panda Internet Security, Kaspersky and Symantec also decided to distribute their security suites for FREE today (22/10), also to celebrate the release of Windows 7.

     I’m not sharing with you any promotions :O but a software which can protect your USB Drive from viruses.

Previously I’ve talked and with you shared so many techniques and tools to protect your machine/USB from USB viruses. Now adding new chapter to it, today I’m sharing with you GGreat USB Antibody.


   GGreat USB Antibody prevent the USB drive from executing the autorun.inf file by write protecting it. GGreat USB Antibody will also work to stop the mouse from clicking a suspicious file that might be a virus.

   When the drive is plugged in, files cannot be automatically transferred. Since it is such a lightweight program, the actual scanning of the drive was finished very quickly, and afterwards scanning feedback is generated to show the safety of the drive.


    GGreat USB Antibody** is not an antivirus software. As long as antibody will be installed in USB flash, it can prevent the virus to spread.

 Effectively it prevents the followings: 

  • Autorun.inf is modified and spreads.
  • Virus is executed by autorun menu.
  • The right-click menu function has been changed.
  • Execute the virus file by Left mouse button double-click.
  • The virus injects or spreads by Recycled folder.
  • My Data folder is destroyed by virus or unknown virus programs and files are injected.
  • For example: Worm@W32.Auto.14, Worm@W32.OlGm.9 such as the spread of the virus USB function.

   In short GGreat USB AntiBody lets you to benchmark safety of USB Drive, Pen Drive, Digital camera, external drive, mobile phone. You can detect and remove suspicious files found in autorun.inf, scan usb drive, protect autorun.inf from launching viruses and many more features.

*The license of Kaspersky Internet Security valid for 1 year, Norton Internet Security I did not find the information you need, but I believe they are also for 1 year.

**Some features are not available in free version

Download GGreat USB AntiBody

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