How To Speed Up Windows Boot Time

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   Most common question everyone asked all over the internet -“How to Speed Up Windows Boot up ?”or “How to speed up windows startup time”.. and the most common answers they got “disable unnecessary start ups, optimize your pc, remove clutter, use registry cleaner….”. This answer somehow improves the windows boot time but its not enough. Here is something different which you definitely want to try..

  By default, Windows is configured to start with single processor. If you have a multi core system, then its great why not to use full power of your processor. So here is the trick which is applicable for Windows XP,Vista and 7.

Speed Up Windows XP Boot Time


1. Open the Run window (Win + R).

2. Type msconfig and go to the BOOT.INI tab.


3. Click on the Advanced button.


4. Check the box / numproc and choose the number of cores that have our processor.

5. Click Ok and restart your machine.

   In Windows Vista and Windows 7 go to Boot tab->advanced options-> check the box “Number of processors” and select 2 (or other).





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