Google Introduces GO Programming Language

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   No stopping for Google.. This time around they are entering into the market of programming. Google introduces GO Programming language which addresses the limitations of C and C++.

Why did Google makes its own Language?

   In GO’s FAQ, Google explains its motivation behind this project.

No major systems language has emerged in over a decade, but over that time the computing landscape has changed tremendously. There are several trends:

  • Computers are enormously quicker but software development is not faster.
  • Dependency management is a big part of software development today but the “header files” of languages in the C tradition are antithetical to clean dependency analysis—and fast compilation.
  • There is a growing rebellion against cumbersome type systems like those of Java and C++, pushing people towards dynamically typed languages such as Python and JavaScript.
  • Some fundamental concepts such as garbage collection and parallel computation are not well supported by popular systems languages.
  • The emergence of multicore computers has generated worry and confusion.

Here’s a Go program that outputs "Hello, World!":

   Now Google have entered into the market of programming. One thing is for sure, in future other languages definitely going to face some stiff competition from ‘GO’ language. 


GO Programming Language

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I have heard something about that goggle is processing one programming language on its own code. It is the mixer of C programming language and python programming language. It is easy, speedy, concurrent, open source, safe for memory & implementation

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