Flash Drive Reminder-Unplug USB Flash Drive From PC

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    Almost everyone uses and carry USB flash drive which is very handy for quick data transfer. Only thing we have to do is to plug it into the USB and easily transfer the data. But sometimes after data transfer is complete we tends to forget to remove/unplug the USB. In that way sometimes we lost our pen drive. Now no more worries here is free tool called FlashRecall.

   FlashRecall is a little program that remind you not to forget your plugged in flash drive when you shutdown windows or logoff the current user. A handy tool for people who often forgot their pen drive at their office or friend’s PC.


  This will show a popup-window and play a beep with the motherboard-speaker (if available) when try to log off or shutting down your computer without unplugging the stick.

  Now you never forget to unplug your USB.

Download FlashRecall Installer Version (157KB)| Single EXE Version (Zip) (37KB)






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