Sync-Prevent Data Loss in case of Power Failure

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  Have you ever experienced data loss or files corruption due to power loss? If yes then you need a small tool for your pc from Sysinternals called Sync and if not then why take chances? You can use this tiny (40KB) tool.

   Sync can be used to direct the operating system to flush all file system data to disk in order to insure that it is stable and won’t be lost in case of a system failure. Otherwise, any modified data present in the cache would be lost.

   It works on all versions of Windows. Use it whenever you want to know that modified file data is safely stored on your hard drives.

Usage: sync [-r] [-e] [drive letter list]

-r    Flush removable drives.

-e     Ejects removable drives.

  Specifying specific drives (e.g. "c e") will result in Sync only flushing those drives.

You can use Command prompt (see screenshot above)

  Sync requires administrative privileges to run. This version also lets you flush removable drives such as ZIP drives.

Download Sync v2.0



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