TechCrunch Hacked!

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   Technology blog giant Techcrunch appears to be hacked today. The hack manages to totally put the whole offline and unreachable.

According to inquisitr

  As at 10:20pm PDT Monday (Jan 25) TechCrunch was offline with a message that simply stated “hi” on its main page.

   A post on Praetorian Prefect noted, that while there is no solid explanation as to how the defacement was pulled off, this isn’t a case of DNS redirection as seen in the previous attacks on Baidu and Twitter.

  The one possible attack vector comes from WordPress, the popular blogging platform that powers TechCrunch. TechCrunch runs several modified WordPress applications, so those could be the source of the trouble.

  Although TechCrunch author Andy Brett noted in a brief article that, "At this point we’re still gathering information on how the site was compromised…"

  It’s too soon to tell you anything at this stage, everyone is using their knowledge/experience to tell what can be the reason behind this but for the real reason we have to wait for TechCrunch to tell us.

And one more thing this story is already a biggest hit on net 😉 .



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