Kill Multiple Process at Once with A.K.A.P

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  By default we have windows task manager, with this we can kill only one process at a time and there is no advanced option to kill processes based on criteria. So for a change, here we have freeware tool called  Auto Kill Any Process or A.K.A.P for short.


   A.K.A.P is a very useful utility, to kill Multiple-Sets of different processes at once, by simply launching the program. This can come in handy if you want to cleanup relevant processes, after working with any application, or if you want to clear a set of expendable processes before starting another RAM intensive application, in just a few seconds, instead of using the tedious task manager.

Key Features:-

  • Ability to kill multiple processes, at once, from a single hitlist
  • Add to windows start-up, to terminate stubborn start-up processes
  • Can run in SILENT MODE – without any prompts or messages (one time configuration needed)
  • Allows multiple hitlists, with a choice to save any one particular combination
  • Choose the above combination at runtime or design time
  • Kill individual running processes, useful for NOT RESPONDING processes
  • Kill individual processes, from a Hitlist as well, instead of killing ALL of them
  • Provides log entry for the each termination, so that users can know the termination status of each process
  • Error log also available, to help understand any problem and to report bugs
  • Auto clearing of termination logs, to save disk space

Download A.K.A.P 2.0 (472KB) |Freeware|

  Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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