Lock Keyboard and Mouse Buttons with Kid Key Lock

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  Kid Key Lock is a program that can be used to disable specific keyboard and mouse keys.

  Kid Key Lock’s purpose is to prevent toddlers from accidentally pressing unwanted buttons and key-combinations on your keyboard and mouse. It is ideal to be used when you surf the internet with your kids, play flash games, videos, or simply teach them to use the mouse, paint images on the screen, etc. At the same time, you don’t want the kids to mess with the right mouse button, double clicks, system keys, key combinations (windows key, alt-tab, alt-F4), etc


  • It is simple to setup and… even simpler to run
  • Easy access to program options via an icon in the system tray
  • Mouse Lock options:
    • Disable Left mouse button
    • Disable Middle mouse button
    • Disable Right mouse button
    • Disable Double click
    • Disable Mouse wheel
  • Keyboard lock options:
    • Disable Standard character keys (letters, numbers, signs, etc)
    • Disable Additional keys (Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end, etc)
    • Disable Windows system shortcuts(e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc)

  It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the beta version of Windows 7.

Download KidKeyLock v 1.6.1 (754KB)



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