Minimize System Boot up time with Soluto

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  Does your windows machine take long to boot up? You’ve tried so many softwares, registry hacks, every bit of help available all over the net regarding system boot but still not happy. So here is another application  called Soluto, an anti-frustration software.

   The way the application works is simple. It installs, then it asks you to reboot and then it watches your boot time and tells you what’s consuming majority of time. It allows you to pause the item (does not start-up again until un-paused) or you can delay its startup. It will wait until the initial set of applications is loaded before attempting to start your delayed applications.

Working with it… 

Soluto Install

  Once you download and install Soluto, it will require you to restart you computer. Soluto restart During the computer’s startup, Soluto will run in the background and analyze how much time each startup service is taking. Then when you run Soluto, this analysis will be displayed.

  You can easily see how much time your boot takes and number of applications run in your boot

Soluto Start

  In the center of the program’s window you will see startup programs categorized and color coded into three sections.

  The first is the green section (No brainer) you can remove application from boot. The second orange section (potentially removable) you can remove the application from start up but you need little knowledge about that. You can pause and delay the application. In third and last grey section programs are necessary for the system to run error-free. You should not tamper with the application located in this section.

Soluto stats changing

  While you deselect applications through Soluto, you startup statistics on the top of the program keep changing. In the end of your modifications, you can view how much of an impact your changes have had on the startup time.

  Once you have finalized everything, restart you computer and experience the new speed. Soluto will monitor the new speed too and will record the results in a log. You can view the startup times history from the “History” button located in the bottom left of the program.

  Although there are many methods default one using msconfig command and remove startup entries but Soluto is what you need no brain needed, anyone can use from starter to advance user. It’s easy to install, impressive GUI and high usability makes this windows application must have and one more thing It’s free.

I’m impressed with this application, what about you?

Download Soluto


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