Free 1 year PC Tools Desktop Maestro License for Everyone

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          Desktop Maestro has already been acclaimed as a top quality registry cleaning software for it’s exciting features. Here are some additional features..


  • Includes extended Privacy guardian features.
  • Optimize Windows system for better performance.
  • Clean Registry files for free.
  • Fix registry errors and dll errors.
  • Monitor system and internet activities.

Here are the steps to get Free 1 Year Desktop Maestro License key

1. Visit this page.


2. Now fill up the form by entering First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Address, City,State, Country,Zip / Postal Code.You can enter fake information but make sure you write correct email id.

3. Click Request Free license.

4. Now Download Desktop Maestro 3.0.

5. Enter the license user name and serial key which you will receive in your email.


6. And Now you have a complete full version license of Desktop Maestro for a period of 1 year!

NOTE:If you get error message like this

The promotion you are attempting to access is not valid in your country. If you believe this message to be displayed in error please contact us at:


The promotion you are attempting to access is not valid in your country…

       just go to this Dutch online proxy website: , copy the link of PC Tools promotional page and insert in proxy box,push “let’s go” button and it will do the whole trick.



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Free ___ year iolo Antivirus Genuine license key for Everyone

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        Today I discovered a way to get  __ year (fill it,as you wish ;)) iolo AntiVirus genuine license key for free. iolo AntiVirus normally cost $27.97 for one year subscription but will be FREE if you follow the instructions.


      iolo AntiVirus keeps you safe by using advanced real-time technology that provides continuous maximum protection and automatically repels viruses before they can enter your computer.Its fully integrated email protection works transparently in the background automatically scanning and disinfecting messages as they are transmitted, and an intuitive interface makes it easy to activate scheduled system inspections for a permanently virus-free PC.

    Keeping its description short, here are the steps to get free iolo AntiVirus genuine license to protect your computer from virus, worms, trojans and other threats:-


1. Visit this page and click Continue button. You should see a page with the Item Code AV1FPRM, Description iolo Antivirus Free Promotion, 3 PC, One Year with the order total showing $0.00. Click Secure Checkout button.

2. Enter your first name, last name, address 1, city, postal code, country phone number and email address. You can actually enter fake or bogus information but make sure the email address is a real one. Click Continue button.

3. Make sure Email Delivery is selected and click Continue button.

4. Review Order page will load and click Place Order button.You see a page that says “Thank you! Your order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is complete.”


    Now here’s the trick to get the license for ___ year  😉


5. Don’t close the page in 4 step.Again go to the link in 1 step,click continue button.You should see a page with same item code,but in this page you can change the quantity according to the number of years you want  iolo Antivirus license (here I’ve changed it to 2000).  Similarly follow 2,3 and 4 step.


6. Once again you see a page that says “Thank you! Your order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is complete.”, check the email address that you’ve entered at step 2. Open the email from iolo technologies, LLC ( with the subject “Thank you for ordering from iolo technologies, #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.Note down the User ID and Serial Number.


7. Download iolo AntiVirus and install.

8. Select “I own iolo AntiVirus and can enter my serial number later” and click Next.

9. Enter the User ID and Serial # that you noted down earlier. Click OK and continue with the installation.

           Voila! You now have a genuinely registered iolo AntiVirus.

          In my opinion this is not the good antivirus to use, avira and avast(both are freeware) are far better than iolo Antivirus, besides that it is heavy on system resources but this is not bad for those who want to test it.


Note :-This link will not work if you use Kaspersky, so pause protection and then try.


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Free 1 year BitDefender Internet Security 2009 genuine license key for everyone

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         BitDefender Internet Security 2009 provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware ,identity theft,firewall,anti-spam,parental control,game mode without slowing down your PC. The latest version of BitDefender 2009 has improved scanning of web e-mail and instant messaging traffic for viruses and spyware, in real-time. It also has new features such as instant messaging encryption and laptop mode which prolongs the laptop battery life.


      In search engines you may find many ways to get 1 year BitDefender Internet Security license but you don’t get it as easily as it is in my article in just two easy steps without filling too much information.

Here we go:

1. Go to this page

2.On left side enter your name(Nombre*) and email ID(real one) and click Enviar solicitud(send request)


         you are done!:)

     Just check your e-mail and note down the key.


          Download and install Bitdefender 2009

     When BitDefender Registration Wizard appears, just click the “I want to register the product with a new key” and enter the license key that you received.

               Enjoy !!!


Update:-This Campaign has ended.

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