Measure the energy Consumption of VM, server, Desktop and laptop with Joulemeter

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   Have you ever wanted to know how much power/electricity does your computer and laptop consume? Microsoft released the tiny application called Joulemeter (780 KB) which measure the energy usage of virtual machines (VMs), servers, desktops, laptops, and even individual softwares running on a computer.

Joulemeter blockdiag (more…)

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Automate Desktop Experience With Blaze

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  Blaze is an innovative utility designed to automate most of the unique recurrent tasks that arise from everyday usage.


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Reinvent your Desktop in 3D integration-BumpTop

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       Today,BumpTop launches a fun,intuitive and visual approach to the computer desktop.BumpTop combines the look and feel of a real desk with the power of the PC.With BumpTop you can pile your files, flip through websites and toss your photos up to Twitter or Facebook quickly and easily, right from your desktop. Advanced search and sort capabilities make sure you can find your files when you need them. Personalize your desktop with custom themes, sticky notes and photo slideshows and turn your desktop into a useful, fun space instead of a graveyard of lost or forgotten files.


Key Features

  • Intuitive Organization: BumpTop uses the power of the PC to let users quickly and easily find the files they’re looking for. Frequently used files actually appear larger and heavier than lesser-used ones, becoming visually more important. Users can search by keyword and quickly gather related files into a pile, toss them directly onto a USB key or attach them to a new email, all in one step.
  • Productivity Enhancer: BumpTop is the ultimate digital assistant and can instantly clean up users’ cluttered desks with Auto Pile, intelligently organizing their documents into tidy piles without losing instant access to everything.
  • The Social Desktop: BumpTop lets users stay connected with their social networks. Users can toss photos to Twitter and Facebook in just two steps. Users can also pin up photo frames on their BumpTop walls, cycling through the latest photos from Flickr, Picasa or other photo RSS feeds.
  • Personalized User Interface: BumpTop gives users a customizable desk and walls to create whatever look they like, using the rich variety of user-created themes or generating their own. The walls are perfect for pinning up Sticky Notes, photos or important documents.

         BumpTop replaces your desktop with a visual environment unlike any you’ve used. It’s a bit like a futuristic gesture-based interface.

      For me BumpTop is a pleasure to use and for no cost.I’m completely impressed with BumpTop. what about you??

Download BumpTop


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