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    “Publishing is a matter of a click” is the tagline of this new web-hosted application Write4net . That is quite a fine way of putting its essence across. Essentially, it is a platform that will let you publish full articles without needing to create a blog or a site. As a matter of fact, it will let you publish articles without even signing up. Any article that you pen is published using your Twitter account.

       The interface of write4net is really very simple but what the site offers is really unique and amazing. You won’t find a full fledged editor as in standard blogging Platforms but you can write your article easily. Just give your post a title (upto 80 characters) and begin writing in the body section. Another text area called Hashtag that lets you enter a keyword or tag (upto 20 chars) for your post for making it easy for others to find. You can enter any number of characters in your post, there are no bounds.It also allows you to add photos and videos to your blog posts.

     To insert a picture, first you’ll need to upload it and you’ll see a thumbnail of the picture. To insert it into your post, you’ll need to enter the name of the image file within [ ]. Like if you want to insert a picture with a name aks.jpg, first upload it and within your post write [aks.jpg] to insert it. To insert a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc., insert the video URL within [ ]. Well here’s a full set of syntax for formatting and adding elements to your post:-

. Create subtitles
And *bold* words.
Insert hyperlinks like {this>}.
– Create bullet point lists.
Highlight text in a frame.
Insert picture:
[pictureleft.jpg :left:]
[pictureright.jpg :right:]
And even insert videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion:

        Your Twitter username and password are required for posting with Twitter. After your publish your post, the link to it is automatically tweeted. Its very easy to share your post and subscribing to it is also easy. You can view all your blog posts under This actually becomes your blog URL. Each of your posts also gets a URL like A retweet button is automatically added to your posts as well.

     Write4net is a great site for those who tweet very often but don’t have blogs and still want to write sometimes.

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