Protect your USB Drive from Autorun Virus with GGreat USB Antibody

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    Today, there are so many promotions are active. After the promotion of Panda Internet Security, Kaspersky and Symantec also decided to distribute their security suites for FREE today (22/10), also to celebrate the release of Windows 7.

     I’m not sharing with you any promotions :O but a software which can protect your USB Drive from viruses.


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Tsunami Related Searches Spread Malware

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  Researchers at Symantec have discovered links to Rogue anti-Virus/malware software via poisoned search results for news related to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the coast of Western Samoa.


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Trojan Hides in Google Groups

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  Virus Writers in an effort to evade detection, they’ve begun hiding their command and control instructions in legitimate Web 2.0 sites such as Google Groups and Twitter.


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Trojan.Peskyspy Attacking Skype Users

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       Symantec issued an advisory that they have discovered the availability of source code for a Trojan that targets Skype users. The Trojan, once installed on a system, has the ability to record conversations in progress, and transmit the recording to a third party.

    The Trojan is being called Trojan.Peskyspy, and can be delivered in any number of ways, including email links and social engineering attacks, where a user is tricked into downloading and installing an application.


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          You’re away at work, or perhaps just in the other room. Your kids are online and you can’t see what they’re doing. Are they safe? Are they following the online rules you’ve set? Or are they doing things they shouldn’t? Do you know what they’re doing when you’re not there? Probably not. Many of us don’t. But now there’s a way you can be there, even when you aren’t.


         Symantec’s Online Family.Norton, a new online safety option for your family that lets you check in on what each child in your family is doing online, no matter where you are. It’s easy to set up, access, and use. You can see which sites each child visits, how long they spend there, and how long they’ve been online. You can also set limits on what websites each child can visit, what terms they can’t search, who they can talk to, and how long they can be online.



         As so long as you have access to a PC, either at home, work, or beyond, you’ll receive an email notification when your kids do things they shouldn’t. You’ll know when they’ve tried to visit a website that you’ve blocked or when they’ve reached their online time limit. And you’ll know instantly, in time to do something about it.

         The service is great, and an essential piece of software especially in this day of age where perverts roam the Internet, so if you are a parent download this software today it’s free until January 2010, and after that the cost of $60 a year is well worth your kids security.

Signup for OnlineFamily.Norton


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